Jonathan Mort Inc. is South Africa’s leading specialist in pension fund law and related governance issues.

Our client base includes pension funds, employers, members and service providers in South Africa and other southern African countries.

The firm was established in March 2009 by Jonathan Mort, who was previously a director at Edward Nathan Sonnebergs.  Vanessa Bell, who worked with Jonathan at ENS, joined the firm at the time of its establishment. What binds us is our desire to engage with the complexities of pensions law and our straightforward, constructive approach.

Core Values

Service Driven

We are motivated by a desire to be of service, characterised by adding value to, and not extracting value from, our clients.

Client Focused

Our advice and services are driven by considerations of what is best for our clients, and not by how fees may be maximized or how we may benefit.

Industry Involvement

We believe strongly in contributing our skills and experience to the industry in the interests of achieving optimal benefits for pension fund members.